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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Chiropractic Table

Buying a new chiropractic table is a great investment. You should get one that enables you to treat your patients the best way you can. Thus, ensure you will not spend on a table you will never use. Acquiring a chiropractic table is similar to buying a new car; you go shopping without an idea of the available options then walk away with an item that appears okay at first but leaves you desiring more. On the other side, if you’re aware of the features to look for, you will get a table that satisfies you, creating a very happy professional life. Here are points to put into consideration when buying a chiropractic table.

Choose between manual and automatic drops. If you are a chiropractor who utilizes drops, you need to answer the query of whether manual or automatic drops will serve you greatly. Drop tables are chosen by some chiropractors as they allow for less forceful modifications. These are beneficial for specific types of patients, for example, expectant women requiring adjustments. Selecting a table that has manual drops will save you some money, but that implies you will have to do more work every time you serve a patient, annually adjusting every drop. If you pick a table that has automatic drops, you’ll incur more costs, but you will be able to set plus reset the drops faster and simpler – often with only one touch of a button or foot pedal.

Be keen on the height. Just as patients are different in sizes and shapes, the same is the case with chiropractors. That is why your table should have a height that suits your body. Depending on the particular elevation table and maker, tables can vary in height. You will find as small as 19 inches and as big as 39 inches. This makes it possible for you to find a table that is as short or tall as you need to work effectively yet comfortably.

Look for warranty options. Since you will pay a lot for your chiropractic table, you should consider a manufacturer who offers a warranty. Ensure you read the warranty carefully to avoid manufacturers who give empty warranties. Look at how long the warranty lasts. This will make it possible for you to return chiropractic tables that have defects and have them replaced without you being asked for more money.

Price is another point to look at when purchasing a chiropractic table. As much as you want a suitable chiropractic table, you also want fair options in terms of pricing. It’s possible to compromise important features to lessen costs, but you should avoid it. First, settle on the kind of table that will work the best for your practice. After that, read reviews from third-party sites and talk to other chiropractors to know which manufacturers offer the best tables. Next, look at the prices of tables from the best manufacturers then compare their prices. By being keen on the points explained here, it will be easy to get the right chiropractic table.

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